Online credit card the practical means of payment

The credit card as a practical means of payment. A credit card is a convenient means of payment that you always have on hand. You can use it to pay for purchases in the local shop and pay the bill in the restaurant or hotel. Credit cards are very popular for shopping in online shops.

If you want to limit the risk when shopping on the Internet, a prepaid credit card may be the right choice for you. This eliminates the risk of losing a lot of money through fraud. With a prepaid credit card, only the credit that was previously loaded is available.

The online credit card – apply online and pay with the card details

The online credit card - apply online and pay with the card details

A new way to use a credit card is the online credit card. It is sometimes called a virtual credit card. Because you as a customer have the choice whether your card should only exist virtually or whether you want a plastic card. This virtual credit card always works on a credit basis, so it must be charged before use.

You can pay with the card anywhere on the Internet, i.e. at online shops, travel providers and download platforms. You enter the credit card details when purchasing and the corresponding amount is then debited from the previously loaded credit. So you have the security of a credit-based card and at the same time this online credit card is available to you very quickly. You don’t have to wait for a plastic card to be sent to you.

The credit card details are immediately available online. Please note that the virtual credit cards can only be topped up immediately up to an amount of USD 100. If you want to top up more, an identity check by post-ident is required by law. For you, this means that you have to go to the nearest post office with the documents for the identity check and identify yourself there with your ID card.

The postal workers forward the receipts to the bank, which has thus fulfilled its legal obligation to verify your identity. After that, you can also deposit larger amounts to your credit card using a bank transfer, an instant transfer or a cash deposit (for example at a petrol station).

What other advantages does an online credit card have?

What other advantages does an online credit card have?

The much lower risk of fraud has already been mentioned. This type of prepaid card is therefore particularly suitable for online purchases. Another advantage is that the Credit Bureau daten is not queried. The bank does not have to hedge any risk, as only pre-loaded credit can be used. This credit card is therefore also suitable for people with low solvency or, for example, Social Welfare recipients.


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